Do I need to be a really good dancer to attend the class?

Of course not! These masterclasses are for dancers of different levels to come and learn.

Our classes always have a mix of recreational dancers, serious ballet students, and sometimes teachers as well! We keep the atmosphere positive and everyone has a good time learning from an amazing ballet dancer/teacher.

Do I need to have ballet experience to join the classes?

For most of the classes, yes! You must be familiar with basic ballet terminology to participate.

We want you to be able to have a fruitful time at the classes, and we’re concerned that if you are not familiar with ballet you won’t be able to follow the exercises and combinations.

However, we do also have conditioning and flexibility classes from time to time, these are usually open to dancers of any skill level – even beginners!

What level do I have to be at to join the classes?

Each class description lists the recommended amount of technical knowledge and proficiency dancers should be at to join the class.

I’m not en pointe, can I join a variation class?

Yes! Pointework is optional for all classes. If you’re comfortable on pointe, go for it! If you have no pointe experience or would rather dance in soft shoes, that’s perfectly fine as well!

I’m a boy, can I join the masterclasses?


Is there an age limit to join the masterclasses?

Absolutely not! We have had dancers of all ages, from 9-year-olds to adult ballet dancers come to the classes, and all of them have found it an enjoyable experience!

How big are the class sizes?

The class size depends on the type of class being taught – whether it’s a technique, variation, conditioning class etc – however, we limit the sizes of all our classes because we want to make sure everyone attending has a good learning experience, and we do not take more than 10 – 20 students per class.

When are the next masterclasses going to be?

We’re not sure, but sign up to our mailing list to find out! We try to hold these masterclasses 1 -2 times a year, but there are many factors affecting this – the cost/time involved in bringing these amazing dancers in and organising the classes, the schedule of the artists, which dancer is available etc. Whenever we hold our next masterclass, we send out an e-mail to all previous participants and mailing list subscribers to let them know!